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Young at Heart: Body Conditioning with Estelle

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Estelle Getty, from "The Golden Girls" TV show, presents a complete body conditioning workout that's safe, effective and so much fun you'll hardly know you're exercising! Created by professional trainer and fitness expert Raphael Picaud especially for those 55 or over, it's a gentle workout designed to boost overall health while improving muscle strength, bone density, flexibility and balance. Featuring four levels of intensity from which to choose, the entire workout can even be done sitting down, with real results.From the easy warm-up to the refreshing, body-toning workout, to the relaxing cool-down, it's a workout with a sense of humor...that's serious about helping you shape up. Start today, follow Estelle's routine regularly and you'll soon have more energy, find daily chores easier to do and feel remarkably "Young at Heart".


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    Oct. 15, 1993
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