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Wild Wet Resort Girls

When they're on vacation, it's all business.
1h 41m
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Welcome to South Beach, Miami: where hard-bodied party girls come to get wet. Whether at the pool or on the beach, these bikini-clad bathing beauties have come to soak up the sun all day long and party all night. They’re on vacation, and under assumed names. That means they’ll hook up anonymously, and with no strings attached. Will you be the lucky guy… or girl? Enter Irma (Mindy Vega), the Queen of South Beach. She’s out to score, and she won’t let the recent marriage to her dim-witted but hunky husband stop her from bagging every available swinger on the beach. In fact, she really has a run of things until Sunny (Heidi Kline) arrives. Bored by her workaholic boyfriend, Sunny takes the beach by force and gives Irma a run for her money. Armed with SPF 50, not even tan lines can stop these G-string gladiators from their sexual conquest of South Beach, one sandy seduction at a time.


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    Dec. 1, 2018
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    • Surrender Cinema

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