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The Two

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In St. Petersburg's environs, in the palace park of Pavlovsk, stands an original monument. The time didn't spare the metallic construction, that had been before, as it seems, a fountain with nude torso on its top. Now there's no figure above, but only the hand, uplifted to heaven in resolutely gesture. Created by time, this is monument for hand as the main ruler of human ideas. Hands bake bread, hands build the houses, teat ch children and care beloveds, create masterpieces and lead to the light. Hand, reached to friend, symbolize the brother ship, to rival - the conciliation. But the same time hand also may hold a weapon, hand signs the sentence of death, hand seduces, beats and even kills. So what the monument dedicated to - to Kind or Evil ? This question became the catalyst of making the film "The Two". On example of two young people relation there's make an attempt to philosophize on this theme.


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    Nov. 17, 2002
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