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The Funny World of Lucy, Volume 1

In THE FUNNY WORLD OF LUCY, you'll hear in Lucy's own words how she went from a school girl in Jamestown, N. Y., to a Hollywood starlet. You'll see Lucy in some of her earliest films and hear what it was like to work with the Marx Brothers in ROOM SERVICE. You're invited for one of TV's most historic moments, "the birth of Little Ricky". Learn how Lucy's career almost came to an end when she was branded as a "communist". It's all here -including Lucy & Desi in the movies LONG, LONG TRAILER and FOREVER DARLING. You'll also see rare television guest appearances on TOAST OF THE TOWN, I'VE GOT A SECRET, and more. You'll watch as DESILU Productions buys the very studio Lucy started out in. It's all here; enjoy the incredible, fun filled adventures of our favorite redhead. Join Lucy, Desi, Fred & Ethel in this unique one of a kind collection.


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    Jan. 1, 1997
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