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Supercard: Hacksaw Duggan Re-Experiences Royal Rumble ’88

1h 44m
Just what on earth was a Royal Rumble? Well prior to early 1988 no one had an answer for that, but they soon would as the WWE was about to launch a new and long-lasting twist on the battle royal. Our guest for this edition of the show can claim the distinction of being the winner of the first Royal Rumble match, and he was an unlikely choice. THE CONCEPT - Who knew this would become one of the WWE’s tentpole PPV’s for years and years to come. Hacksaw was just lucky to be in the thing, after his recent firing! THE SCANDAL - Less than a year prior, Duggan and the Iron Sheik would be caught in scandal as they exposed the business and endangered Vince McMahon’s family friendly product. THE SHOT - Head back to 1988 for this inaugural event which was not yet a pay-per-view…but would soon become one of their big 4!





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