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Rush: R40 Completist DVD (Blu-Ray Edition)

2h 28m
The "Completist DVD" from the blu-ray edition of "Rush: R40" contains content originally found in the 2005 "R30" DVD release that was not included on the R30 Blu-Ray Edition. Part 1 - Interviews: 1979 Ivor Wynne Stadium, Hamilton; 1981 Le Studio, Quebec; 1990 Artist of the Decade; 1994 Juno Hall of Fame Induction; 2002 Vapor Trails Tour Part 2: Rush Hits St. John's Part 3: Alex's Interview for Artist of the Decade. Part 4: The Anthem Vault - Anthem (Castle Session, 1975); Fly By Night (Castle Session, 1975); Finding My Way (mpeg1 from Rock Concert); In The Mood (mpeg1 from Rock Concert); Circumstances; La Villa Strangiato; A Farewell to Kings; Xanadu; The Spirit of Radio (Soundcheck, 1979 Ivor Wynne Stadium); Freewill (Toronto Rocks, 2003); Closer to the Heart (Canada For Asia, 2005) Part 5: Molson Amphitheatre, June 30, 1997 Toronto: Animate, Resist, Natural Science


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    Nov. 11, 2014
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    • ole Core Music Publishing