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Petra: Beyond Belief Video Album

Petra: beyond belief video album
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Chad's senior year in high school was supposed to be what every teenager dreams it will be: fun, exciting and full of anticipation. But when his brother David is diagnosed with cancer, Chad's entire world comes crashing down around him. Chad has a shot at a full track scholarship at San Angelo State and David's earth-shattering news couldn't have come at a worse time. Further complicating Chad's struggle is David's insistence on mending the bitter relationship between Chad and their father, who recently walked out on their family. In this emotional fight to find out what really matters most in his life, Chad learns to trust God and to go "beyond belief". This one hour mini-movie is built around six state-of-the-art concept music videos by the rock band Petra, featuring songs from the album Beyond Belief.


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    Aug. 1, 1990
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    • Word Entertainment

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