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Our Gang in Little Rascals Greatest Hits - 5 Uncut Comedy Classics

The gang is all here in their funniest uncut episodes
1h 36m
The gang's all here -- Our Gang, that is, with Spanky, Alfalfa, Jackie, Farina, Scotty, Buckwheat, Chubby, Stymie, Wheezer, Dickie, Tommy, Mary, Pete and more in uncut versions of some of their funniest episodes. A magic lamp turns two adults into new arrivals at the Happy Home Orphanage in "Shrimps for a Day," while the Rascals show a thief how to "Fly My Kite" when he tries to send their beloved Grandma to the poor farm. THe Gang is snubbed after saying "Hi Neighbor" to the new kid on the block, and Spanky has "Beginners Luck" during his debut on amateur night, before they mistake a hungry "Kid from Borneo" for Uncle George.


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    Jan. 5, 1930
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