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Mnozil Brass - Magic Moments

2h 20m
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  • Austria
These crazy Mnozil boys write: "There ain't no better gift!!!! You see, it's a great gift coming in a small size and it is absolutely making sense! because it clearly reveals the spirit of the person giving it at the same time equally clearly indicating the good taste of the person receiving it. It truly is a charming and witty present with a soft-footed appearance like a young, adolescent deer. and it contains music you can even hear and see!" " In their show Magic Moments, Mnozil Brass, the seven masters of perceptive brass and song, will again move and enchant their audience. Throughout finely chiseled arrangements and charming original compositions the splendid tone colours and timbres of their priceless brass instruments are fully shown to advantage".


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    Sept. 12, 2010
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