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Mister Come Tomorrow

Mister come tomorrow is a short film directed by shamas nawab siddiqui and produced by nawazuddin siddiqui. it is the debut film of nawazuddin siddiqui as producer.
0h 17m
Imtiaz divorced his wife in anger but he realizes his mistake soon and wants his wife back, he can only get her back by marrying her to someone until her new husband consummate the marriage (as per the Halala law ) first. So he sacrifices her for and arranges her marriage to someone else . But very next day of Nikha (Marriage) when Imtiaz went back to get her wife back . Her new husband is not ready to divorce her as he want to enjoy the benefits of this marriage .Now he is fooling Imtiaz that he haven't consummate the marriage still he can not take her wife back . Imtiaz struggles daily to get her wife back .


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    Jan. 1, 2015
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