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How The Wheast Was One (A Dax Flame Motion Picture.)

0h 6m
Take a trip into the Wild West, back when it was kill or be killed, shoot or be shot, and where wildness ran rampent. In this dramatic spaghetti western Motion Picture adapted from Dax Flames short western novel, Hands are for Punching, you will see a rugged bounty hunter cowboy, who usually works alone and is given the task to save a town being taken over by a bandit, but this time, the bounty hunter needs a partner. Wait A NEW PARTNER? Yes, see what things ensue when a bounty hunter gets a new partner. He never trusted anyone but learned to trust his new partner only to have that partner killed(Spoiler) after having finally trusting him. Will he avenge him? Will he save the town? Yes and yes. See for yourself in the journey that is How The Wheast Was One.


Director Writer


Joe "Manco" Mosef
Full cast


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    April 3, 2010
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