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Dreams are free, reality burns.
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Inspired by ‘elephant consciousness’, Clark Duke has created Virtology, an internet religion with which he plans to change the world. He attracts thousands of followers which fuel his desire to spread the word In Real Life. When his house burns down under suspicious circumstances he heads out on this fish-out-of-water tale where we witness the main character (now known as Satchimo) in his misadventures attracting new followers and the media, all the while being haunted by two online followers who he neglects in his offer of salvation. Godplex offers insight into the contemporary dogma that you can achieve your goals no matter how lofty – even achieve celebrity status – an occupation that anyone can take up, no matter your experience or abilities. Though the content can be surreal, poetic and philosophical, this tragi-comic story offers an accessible cinema experience featuring moments of incredible beauty and a great soundtrack comprised of industrial and big band jazz.


Priest with capitalist overtones
Brian the cool guy
TV director extraordinaire
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