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Joseph's Children

Дети Иосифа
1h 17m
From the place where Joseph Brodsky died to the place where he was born, the distance is now insurmountable: there is no country or city where the poet left forty years ago in the world anymore. And that means there's no way to go back. But in the summer of 2014, by order of Brodsky's widow Maria, the last things in the poet's life are sent to the first house in his life. To St. Petersburg, to the corner of Pestel and Liteyny, to the Muruzi house. This film is an attempt at a group portrait of those whom Brodsky would have found if he had had the opportunity to return to Russia today. Formally, the characters of the film are talking about Brodsky. But in these stories, not literary critics, but people who have been strongly influenced by Brodsky, whom they have never seen, there are so many of themselves that a portrait of an entire generation has come out. Generations of Joseph Brodsky's children who had never seen their father with their own eyes in their lives.


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    March 4, 2015
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