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Deep Down in Florida

A strange story of twilight love
0h 19m
While contemplating what to say for the best man's toast at his little brother's wedding the following day, Kerri Colwell, a lonely, disillusioned, and somewhat shiftless young man from New Orleans, wanders into a southern Florida bar where he strikes up a conversation with Maren, a quick-witted, charming, young woman - who happens to be a drug dealer. Maren takes the displaced and somewhat enchanted Kerri back to her hotel room. He abruptly discovers he's stepped into a netherworld fraught with peril and the threat of violence deep down in Florida. With his life and Maren's in jeopardy, Kerri finds one slim chance to redeem his mistake and realize the misdirection of his pursuit of happiness, but it's also likely to cost him his life.


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    Nov. 13, 2004
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