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Chris Hero: Ring of Hero

6h 21m
From an unwanted outsider to an athletic marvel to a King of Wrestling, Chris Hero has come so far during his tenure in Ring of Honor and this is where it all started. This compilation includes over 20 of Hero's best matches & moments starting from his debut against Bryan Danielson that kicked off a 7 month war with CZW, his first tag title reign with Claudio Castagnoli, Chris' days with Sweet 'N' Sour Inc, and through the early days of "That Young Knockout Kid". Whether it be singles competition or in tag team matches, Hero has stepped into the ring with everyone from Samoa Joe to Nigel McGuinness, Roderick Strong to Lance Storm, and Austin Aries to The Briscoes just to name a few. He concusses with his kicks, he KO's with his elbows, and with all his successes in Ring of Honor, Chris can certainly claim that ROH actually stands for Ring of Hero...


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