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Back To The Territories: Mid-South

With 'hacksaw' jim duggan
2h 16m
Get ready to head back to a time when the wrestling landscape was filled with regional promotions, each with their own stars, their own television product, and their own identities. In this edition of Back to the Territories, join host Jim Cornette and his guest Hacksaw Jim Duggan as they undertake an in-depth analysis of Mid South Wrestling. Mid South was the brainchild of legendary promoter Cowboy Bill Watts, a character as rich in lore as his territory. The stars that blossomed in Mid South would go on to captivate wrestling fans for years, long after their tenure with Watts had ended. The names Duggan, DiBiase, Reed, and Junkyard Dog were only a handful that can be traced back to the territory.


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    Nov. 24, 2014
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